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Chem-Dry: The Green Solution

Featured Image So why does Chem-Dry care so much about being Green? Well, simply put: Less water in your carpets means more in our nation's reservoirs. Non-toxic means Chem-Dry is safe for kids and pets and makes Chem-Dry the perfect (often, the only) solution for many people with allergies. We live here too and our mission is to help create healthier homes for a better world....


3 Home Allergens

Featured Image Pollen, Dust Mites, and Pet Dander Oh My! No matter the allergen, it can get trapped in your carpets and upholstery. Call Chem-Dry of Central Illinois to help you remove ground-in dirt and dust! We remove 98% of allergens and 89% of airborne allergens from your home....


No-Bake Strawberry Icebox Cheesecake

Featured Image We all know it's spring but, lucky for us, it's also Strawberry Season! There’s no better time than now to make this delicious desert put together by the Spruce Eats. This Cheesecake can be assembled in 20 minutes or less making it the perfect fast and easy treat for you and your family!...


5 ways to make Spring Cleaning fun for your Family

Featured Image Spring is just around the corner! And if the warmer weather inspires you to clean your home thoroughly, there are a few strategies you can use to help get your family involved and make it fun for everyone!...


Clean House = Happy Spouse

Featured Image Valentine's day is coming up soon and what better way to show your love than a clean house?...


6 Carpet Care Tips You Probably Don’t Know

Featured Image Everyone wants to know how to keep their carpets clean and healthy. Here are some tips you probably didn’t know that will help!...


Our First Blog

Featured Image This is our first blog. Check back again for regular posts and tips....